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OPTAA was officially formed on 26th November, 2011.

2019-2021 About

The fourth Executive Committee was elected on 21st May, 2019. The Committee aims to

  • – Strengthen our alumni network through use of technology
  • – Form core groups for education, clinical practice and research to enhance professional knowledge
  • – Explore further avenues for fund raising to sustain OPTAA activities
2015-2019 About

The main objective of the first two Executive Committees was to strengthen the membership and develop activities and programmes to improve networking and communication between the college and alumni all over the world. The Executive Committees worked on designing and printing needed stationery and coordinated and provided a platform for information exchange between CMC and alumni elsewhere. The audited accounts were maintained in the Central Bank of India, CMC Vellore branch. Some of the areas of development discussed during this time were research scholarships, overseas exchange programmes, hosting conferences and seminars, subscription for journals and periodicals, library and book purchases, inviting guest lecturers (especially alumni) and purchase of equipment and tools.

Few therapists in the USA launched the idea of having a common media of networking through Yahoo groups. The networking platform was initiated and managed by Mr. Ruby Nakka. Annual gatherings in the USA were initiated and conducted for couple of years.

The next General Body meeting was called on January 10th, 2015, where two amendments were made to the Constitution. The General Body unanimously elected the third Executive Committee:

The President- Mr. Arun Paul, The Vice President- Mr. Thomas Mathew, The General Secretary- Ms. Reetha Janet, The Treasurer- Mr. Joseph Bedford The Programme Secretary-Ms. Anumeha Srivastava. The Advisory Committee was constituted with the following members: Mr. Andrew Babu, Mr. Sanjeev Padankatti, Ms. Reema Samuel and Mr. Lenny Vasanthan.

2011 About

The inauguration of the formal Alumni Association was conducted in 2011 with about 62 registered members from India and abroad. The first General Body meeting of the newly formed alumni association was conducted on November 26th, 2011 at CHTC auditorium in CMC, Vellore. The General Body approved the constitution and also elected the first Executive Committee members:

The President – Mr. Thomas Mathew, The Vice president- Mr. Babu Samuel, The General Secretary- Mr. Ruby Nakka, The Treasurer- Mr. Charles Joshua, The Programme Secretary-Ms. Jewel Crasta

2003 About

OPTAA was formed as a result of concerted efforts of many CMC PT and OT alumni, after a long latent period and acute need for the organisation. For various reasons, the formal alumni association did not materialise prior to 2011. ​ In 2003, there was an Occupational and Physiotherapy Alumni (OPTA) reunion meeting in CMC Vellore, with Mr. Raj Kumar (batch of 1996 OT) & Dr. Sunder Kumar (batch of 1994 PT) as the organising secretaries.

From the President’s Desk

Not for fame, not for wealth, our endeavour, Pride of race, nor of creed, be our boast, Each for all, all for each, thus forever, United from coast unto coast.

Three cheers for the silver and blue...

Excerpt from 'Silver and Blue', the college song of Christian Medical College, Vellore.


Reema Samuel President

Constitution of the OPTAA Alumni Association

CMC, Vellore

The name of this organization is Occupational and Physiotherapy Alumni Association (OPTAA), Christian Medical College, Vellore briefly referred to as OPTAA, and hereinafter as ‘the Association’.


The objective of the Association is to preserve and promote all that is of enduring value in the relationship of the Occupational & Physiotherapy alumni of the Christian Medical College, Vellore, among themselves and with their college and to foster the welfare and progress of their alma mater.


All Occupational and Physiotherapy students of the Christian Medical College, Vellore (hereinafter referred to as “the College”) from 1962, becomes life member of the Association on qualifying for their basic degree/diploma and on payment of the membership fees. All new CMC PT & OT Graduates immediately after successful completion of the internship are eligible and expected to join as life members.

1st Executive Committee

Nov 2011- Nov 2012

Mr. Thomas Mathew President

Mr. Babu Samuel Vice- President

Mr. Ruby Nakka Secretary

Mr. Charles Arputharaj Treasurer

Ms. Jewel Crasta Program Secretary

2nd Executive Committee

Nov 2012- Jan 2015

Mr. Ruby Nakka President

NOT ELECTED Vice- President



MS. DONNA PRIYA Program Secretary

3rd Executive Committee

Jan 2015- May 2019

MR. ARUN PAUL President

MR. THOMAS MATHEW Vice- President




MS. AGNES ANNA MATHEW Program Secretary