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Webinar- Ms. Lincy Mariam Thomas, OT Batch of 1985 & Mr. Benshamir Bright, OT Batch of 2001

June 2021
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Webinar- Ms. Sharel Singh, PT Batch of 2003

July 2021
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Webinar- Mr. Reuban Daniel, PT Batch of 2001

August 2021
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OPTAA Induction (Batch of 2016)

November 2021
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10th Year Anniversary Thanksgiving service

November 2021
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10th Year Anniversary Celebrations and Virtual Alumni Re-union

December 2021
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Webinar- “Overview of primary and secondary lymphedema and the current therapeutic management” by Ms. Anita Rebecca, PT, Batch of 2001, certified lymphedema therapist, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar.

29th May, 2021
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Online prayer meet by OPTAA & OPTSA- “Hope amidst the chaos” for God’s protection and guidance amid the COVID pandemic.View link

8th May, 2021
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Webinar- “Introduction to Qualitative Research” by Mr. Vimal Sriram, OT, Batch of 1996, deputy theme lead, Collaborative learning and capacity building theme, Northwest London. View link

17th April, 2021
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Webinar- “Life after CMC- experiences in a mission hospital” by Mr. Rupaloke Kumbhakar, PT, Batch of 2000, Bokaro General Hospital, Jharkhand. View link

27th March, 2021
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Special song for online alumni carol service on Dr. Ida Scudder’s 150th birthday celebrations. View link

6th December, 2020
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OPTAA completes 9 years. View link

23rd November, 2020
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Webinar- “The OT in the community” by Ms. Grace Muppidi, OT, Batch of 2012, Handimachal Therapy Center, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. View link

31st October, 2020
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Webinar- “OT/ PT Career and processing in Australia” by Mr. Joshua Selvadurai, OT, Batch of 1999, APHRA certified therapist. View link

13th September, 2020

Online induction of Batch of 2015 into OPTAA. Dr. Vineet Johnson, PT, Batch of 1992, was chief guest for the event. View link

31th August, 2020

Thanksgiving service for the life of Mr. Reejan Pradeep Joseph, PT, Batch of 1998. View link

23rd August, 2020

Induction of Batch of 2014 into OPTAA. Dr. Sunder Kumar, PT, Batch of 1994, was chief guest for the event.

20th June, 2019

Annual General Body meeting- election of 4th Executive Committee

21st May, 2019

5th Year Alumni Re-union

17th & 18th December, 2016

Annual General Body meeting

27th September, 2016

Induction of Batch of 2010 into OPTAA.

25th March, 2015

Annual General Body meeting- election of 3rd Executive Committee

10th January, 2015

Annual General Body meeting- election of 2nd Executive Committee

24th November, 2012

Inauguration of OPTAA- First General Body meeting and election of 1st Executive Committee View link

26th November, 2011


Mr. Reejan Pradeep Joseph, BPT Batch of 1998, on 13.8.2020. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Mr. J. Vijayakumar, known to us as ‘Viji sir’, former in charge, Physiotherapy Services, BPT Batch of 1971 on November 18, 2015. He leaves behind his wife and three children.